Concert: Phones and Microphones at Kammerklang Café Oto

I am proud to announce that the City University Experimental Ensemble (CUEE) will be performing our piece “Phones and Microphones” at Café Oto, as part of the Kammer Klang series. We will be playing with the Exaudi Ensemble, Cevdet Erek and others.

Date: Tuesday 14th April, 8PM
Location: Café Oto, 18 Ashwin Street, London  E83DL

About the piece

Phones and Microphones is written by Daniel Wolff and the Experimental Music Ensemble. It explores a soundscape of the smartphone different from the one your neighbour in the tube might have been investigating five minutes ago.

A piece for smartphones and electronic pickups which also needs a laptop, Phones and Microphones uncovers the hidden emissions of this digital device now ubiquitous in our urban environment. The interactions of the ensemble’s performers, exploring the subtle qualities of their “Life Companion”, are diffused in the performance space, uncovering a hidden layer of communication. The animate acoustic textures of individual devices are interwoven in a performance that questions the discrete rigidity of the digital. The projections of social interactions commonly mediated by smartphones into their acoustic counterparts obtain their own life in this acoustic space.

Kammer Klang 14 April

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