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Beeps from Below: A late Summer Mystery

I found these sounds in a Catalan park sewer, on a very warm summer evening. The sun has just set and the park becomes quiet. Now this starts at several places. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] There are … Continue reading

Concert: Phones and Microphones at Kammerklang Café Oto

I am proud to announce that the City University Experimental Ensemble (CUEE) will be performing our piece “Phones and Microphones” at Café Oto, as part of the Kammer Klang series. We will be playing with the Exaudi Ensemble, Cevdet Erek … Continue reading

A phone with a microphone

So this is what a phone does when left alone? Looking forward to perform with the City University Experimental Ensemble! [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

First Piezo Recordings

I’ve started building this wonderful piezo amp using the schematics and instructions from this great site . Unfortunately, I still use really bad cables (I thought using a USB cable with cut-off plugs would be a cheap way to get … Continue reading

Magnetic Resonator Guitar

This is a small experiment motivated by the Magnetic Resonator Piano. The audio features harmonics of the E-string. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] I’ve hooked up a more or less random electromagnetic coil to an old cassette player … Continue reading

Audio: Experiment Excerpt 1

Starting jams again, here one some rough excerpt (5 out of 45min) from my experimental music jam with Andrea (see herefor his stuff) and Lorenzo. Hope someone’s enjoying this!

Sounds: Smartphone EM fun

I had fun using my SM57 as an electromagnetic pickup for my smartphone processor. Using the recording as raw material I made just little adjustments and doubled the track into stereo by using the frequency range recorded at 22-44kHz (which … Continue reading