music / sounds

I am both interested in the creation of music as well as the composition or plain observation of diverse sounds. This page contains records and recordings, stretching from classical songs to soundscapes.


this is the next thing to complete


a compilation powered by headset, midi and guitar

There was also a former band, “Tommygun”. Now, stay tuned for the more rough sounds contained in the following section.

Jam Experiments

Jam with Andrea and Lorenzo. The video is recorded using my spanking new 1967 Solartron Oscilloscope

Seven Sisters Impressions

Music for a multimedial Reading of Ist das dein Bleistift?

computer music pt.1

Recording of magnetic signals (using two electric guitars) emitted by a personal computer booting, printing “Herbert W. Franke: Einleitung in die Ars Electronica”, from chapter “Kybernetische Kunst”. Speed has been doubled for playback.