Paper (Sysmus11): On Culture-dependent Modelling of Music Similarity

This paper was presented at the charming Sysmus 2011 in Cologne. The paper is going to be published soon at ePosMusic! This is the short version. Please contact the authors for a copy and further information.

Authors: Daniel Wolff and Tillman Weyde

Abstract: We present an approach to  automatically adapting a computational model for music similarity  to users’ cultural contexts, indicated by parameters like location and age. Using user ratings of perceived similarity, we aim to model variations in  these ratings  associated with culture-based variables of the users.  The resulting similarity measure  meets its useful application in music information retrieval, particularly personalised music recommendation,  but  relations of cultural variables and music perception,  which are represented in the adapted similarity models,  are also of generic musicological interest. This paper  outlines  the general framework envisaged for this task and first experimental results on the feasibility of learning musical similarity from relative user ratings.

PDF: Presentation Slides

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