Monthly Archives: November 2011

Canon 870 Lens Problem – restart required – hints on disassembly

Disclaimer: The statements made here are far to vague to allow a novice to dis-and reassemble such a digital camera. Moreover, the risk of an high-voltage electric shock is existent during disassembly. I take no responsibility for any harm you … Continue reading

Paper (Ismir11): Adapting Metrics for Music Similarity using Comparative Ratings

This paper was presented at the Ismir 2011 in Miami. The paper is available in the online proceedings as pdf Authors: Daniel Wolff and Tillman Weyde Abstract: Understanding how we relate and compare pieces of music has been a topic … Continue reading

Bioacoustics Research Summary

Detecting Bird Sounds via Periodic Structures A Robust Pattern Recognition Approach to Unsupervised Animal Monitoring Diploma Thesis; Bonn University 2008 download My diploma thesis evolved during a collaborative project of the Multimedia Signal Processing Group of Bonn University and the … Continue reading