Monthly Archives: June 2013

GAME: Spot The Odd Song Out

In a collaboration with Guillaume Bellec at ENSTA Paristech, we have developed “Spot The Odd Song Out”, a music game on Facebook. The fast-paced multi-player game allows users to explore new music, based on their favourite genre. The researchers use … Continue reading

Sounds: Smartphone EM fun

I had fun using my SM57 as an electromagnetic pickup for my smartphone processor. Using the recording as raw material I made just little adjustments and doubled the track into stereo by using the frequency range recorded at 22-44kHz (which … Continue reading

Poster(Listening Into The Wild @QMUL): Bioacoustic monitoring in realistic scenarios

Today I presented a summary of our project from Bonn University and the Animal Sound Archive Berlin as a poster at the Listening Into The Wild Workshop at Queen Mary University. Authors:Daniel Wolff, Rolf Bardeli(2), Martina Koch(3), Klaus-Henry Tauchert(4), Karl-Heinz … Continue reading